We Carry Brunswick, DV8, 900 Global, AMF, Storm, Roto Grip, Hammer, Ebonite, Columbia 300, Track, Lane #1, and Radical Bowling Balls.    Ex Pro Bowler on Staff. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. If I cannot find a specific bowling ball at my local pro shop, can they special order the ball and how long will it take to get the ball?

A. Most pro shops today will not inventory and display every bowling ball item available in today’s market. There are so many brands of bowling balls on the market today and so many models available for each brand making it virtually impossible for a pro shop to inventory every item. Most late model ball releases by the leading manufacturers are in inventory, but sometimes the pro shop might be sold out in a given weight or pin placement.

If a ball is not immediately available in the pro shop, the operator can special order the ball from a supplier and the ball can be available in two or three days, unless the order is shipped to Hawaii or Alaska and, provided the ball has not been discontinued by the manufacturer.

We recommend you discuss your choice of balls with the pro shop professional and what your objective is with the new ball. In many cases, there are other options you can select from that are designed to accomplish the same type of ball motion you seek. If you are committed to one particular ball, it is best to have it ordered and wait a day or two for it to arrive at your pro shop. Take some time to discuss the various drilling layout options available for your new ball with your pro shop professional so you know what to expect in ball motion based on your delivery style and oil conditions where you bowl.

If you wish to examine drilling options for a particular bowling ball, check out our “Drilling Layouts” feature on our site and choose any manufacturer you wish to find the ball you are considering purchasing.

           Joe Brock


  Former Professional Bowler

28 Years Pro Shop Experience

 Advisory Staff for: 900 Global,

        AMF, 3G & Vise Grips.

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Resurfacing: $15/$25

Rejuvenating: $20

Polishing: $5

Sanding: $4

Sand & Polishing: $6

Bowling Ball Prices 

DO NOT include 

Drilling Fees!


​        SERVICES

Performance: $50

Polyester: $40

Take 20% OFF drilling

fees if purchased inside

Dynamic Bowling Pro Shop

Inserts (Pair): $10

Thumb Slug: $15

Switch Grip (Outer): $15

Switch Grip (Inner): $30

IT (Molly): $15

IT (Inner): $25 

Thumb Mold Cost: $20

Thumb Mold Insert: $15



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Plug Fingers: $30 

Plug Thumb: $20

Plug Extra Hole: $10